About Our Dental Office – Wesley Chapel, FL

Improving Smiles and Confidence Over Time

Smiling senior man sitting in dental chair in Wesley Chapel dental office

Here at Kaizen Family Dentistry, our goal is to offer a patient-centric and health-driven approach to your optimal oral health. Knowing what it is like to be on the other side of the chair, we want you to experience a dental visit unlike your previous visits, with your comfort and convenience being at the forefront of our mission, all while delivering the highest quality of dental care possible. We don’t just treat teeth, we treat people. We are here to listen to you, to your past dental experiences in an attempt to understand if or how they may have shaped you as a patient today and where you are with your dental journey.

We Don’t Sell, We Educate

Close up of Doctor Ali wearing dental binoculars while treating a patient

I am very health-centric when it comes to my philosophy of dental care. I love to educate and show my patients what it is I see, and having the experience of doing this for over 20 years, being able to tell them that we can choose to be proactive, or reactive. Teeth don’t age, they wear and break down over time. And with the mouth being such a hostile environment as so many factors contribute to that wear; muscles that clench, teeth that are susceptible to decay, bad habits in terms of oral hygiene or just not even having your bite in their proper alignment. I am here to walk you down the stairs of what that journey may be like, and how we can make it last as long as possible. Life is funner with teeth. Now smile!

We love to laugh.

Empty white dental treatment chair

They say laughter is the best medicine. At Kaizen Family Dentistry, you can expect a healthy dose, as Dr. Ali loves to bring plenty of humor into his Wesley Chapel dental office. Most of his humor stems for childhood and adult experiences or observations on life, or as he likes to call it, “his story”. Using it to connect with patients on a personal level, he genuinely knows what it is like to be in their shoes, as a patient, and what that experience can be perceived to some, which is why he strives to create a positive, healthy, and comfortable atmosphere no matter the type of treatment a patient needs.

Comfortable, Relaxing Amenities

Smiling dental office receptionist shaking hands with a patient

Instead of an office that is void of any comfort amenities, you’ll find an array available when arriving at our dental practice. From partial to complete sedation for anxious patients to gourmet coffee while you wait, you’ll be able to fully relax each time you visit. Not to mention, we also have personalized headphones, TVs to watch during treatment, custom scents, neck pillows and weighted blankets, and our own therapy dog to add another layer of comfort.

Flexible Payment Options

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We know dental treatment of any kind can lead to large bills. This is why we are pleased to take your dental insurance if you have a private plan. We also offer an in-house membership plan that allows uninsured individuals to get the care they need all for one low fee. It’s the easiest way to avoid the red tape and handcuffs of dental ‘insurance’ and save while taking care of your smile and oral health.

Communicate with Us

Smiling man sitting at desk looking at laptop

At our office, our team speaks the following languages:

  • English
  • Arabic
  • German
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • French
  • ASL: Available upon request