Frequently Asked Dental Questions – Wesley Chapel, FL

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Dr. Ali is frequently asked about general dental care and what is required to maintain optimal oral hygiene. As a trusted dentist in Wesley Chapel, he wants to educate his patients, giving them deeper insight into their smiles and what is necessary to ensure their health and future. As you will see below, we have provided various questions and answers to help you better understand the different components of dentistry. If you do not see yours listed, please feel free to call our dental office and schedule an appointment.

Are Six-Month Dental Checkups and Cleanings Necessary?

Yes, these visits allow Dr. Ali and our team to carefully examine your smile using some of the latest dental technologies. With high-quality diagnostic imaging and a thorough visual evaluation, we can mitigate the potential for serious oral health issues while also making sure your teeth and gums remain healthy between appointments with professional cleanings.

Will I Need a Referral for Dental Implant Surgery?

No, we do not send patients to outside implant specialists. Instead, Dr. Ali is capable of performing the entire procedure in-house. In cases where we need the scope of an Oral Surgeon, we have one with us in office. This eliminates the need to drive somewhere else for treatment, and it ensures that you remain in one convenient location, with the same experts, for your care. By providing dental implant placement and restoration, we make sure that your results are exactly what you desire.

Am I a Candidate for a Smile Makeover?

The only way to know if you are a candidate for a smile makeover is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Ali. During this visit, he will review your smile and make note of any problem areas. He’ll also listen to your concerns and what you would like to see from a new and improved smile. Depending on your oral and overall health, we should be able to develop a cohesive treatment plan that puts your smile on track to looking and feeling its best.

Can My Child Receive Dental Care in Your Office?

Yes! We are pleased to provide child-friendly services that will help young smiles grow strong and healthy year after year. Whether it is with dental checkups and cleanings, fluoride treatments, dental sealants, or even restorative care, Dr. Ali and our team know how to closely monitor and ensure the success of a developing smile.

I am Scared of the Dentist. Do You Offer Sedation?

Yes, we are pleased to provide an array of sedation dentistry options. Ranging from nitrous oxide and oral conscious sedation to IV sedation and sleep dentistry, we can determine the severity of your anxiety or situation and recommend the appropriate option for your needs.

Will You Accept My Dental Insurance?

Dr. Ali is in-network with many PPOs and will also file claims if your plan is out of network. We’ll review your policy and help to maximize your benefits so that you get the most out of your plan each year and avoid losing thousands of unused dollars before your plan expires.